13 April 2014

At last

At last the snow and ice is starting to melt.

These poor little things in the back yard are struggling, but optimistic and hopeful.

 Not a leaf or even a hint of green on the trees yet

 and there is still plenty of this around.

Back to textiles next week.


  1. you're home??? and no you didn't get the wrong blog :) your tea is ready and welcome home!! (if indeed you are home)

  2. It's incredible, isn't it, the way those tiny delicate flowers emerge from underneath the most inclement conditions? It is probably an allegory for something or other but I won't wax too lyrical.

  3. Little scillas..always so sweet..
    I am cleaning some of the gardens I can get to..we still ahve snow!
    I love seeing new spring grwoth..always such a dear pleasure.

    1. I gather mother nature has a surprise in store for us tomorrow

  4. This looks like our yard! Muddy and kind of grim. But we need to believe! Everyone else is getting spring--it'll come our ways soon!

  5. There's one poor lonely little crocus blooming in the flower bed in front of our apartment. It's almost sad, but on the other hand it shows the tenacity of life. Hopefully the weather predictions are way off-base for tonight and tomorrow!


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