10 April 2014

My new Liberty scarves

The collection has grown.

This vivid deep gold/chartreuse paisley is a favorite colour of mine, in fact, I am wearing this colour in a small floral print as I type.

 Art Nouveau large print....unusually it is hand rolled and 34" square. Mint condition. Some how it just does not 'do' it for me, although it has all the right ingredients.


 Now, this one does ring all the bells , how 50s can you get! (maybe 1960s) . The  grey and yellow rose print is my latest favorite.

Difficult to date the polka dot scarf, not too old I would guess.
Not sure how many Liberty scarves I have now, its been a few years since I did a little stocktaking.....800??? 


  1. 800!! Lordy. Is that a record Jan? You might hold the National Collection of LIberty Scarves or something. I love that yellow and grey one too.

    1. I thought you might be the first to comment on this!!

  2. Good gracious Jan! 800! You should write a book. I'd buy it!

  3. I love that yellow rose print, it's so very much of its time, and so stylish.

  4. I'm echoing the comment above about you writing a book about the scarves - you definitely should!


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