10 April 2014

Spring cleaning....mittens

Whilst sorting out my vintage shawl drawer

 I came across these hand knitted mittens.I must have bought them at least 20 years ago (see price!!)

 at an Estonian church bazaar.  Memo, must telephone to see if they still hold bazaars

Now there is a great, well deserved revival in Baltic knitting so I shall be just in style next winter.

Whoops, pressed publish by mistake,  don't know how to get back into draft......ah well.


  1. Lovely mittens - they are definitely back in vogue at the present time because I'm seeing similar types all over the internet. May I be permitted to say that I do hope that it's a very long time before you need to wear them!!!

  2. Oops - just realized (after I pushed publish) that my comment sounded as those I really didn't like the mittens...not the case! I was referring to the fact that I'm heartily sick and tired of winter!

  3. I love them! I must have a look through my vintage shawl drawer and see what I can find ;)

    1. Can't wait to see your shawls ( emoticon of surprised face) though I will post about mine next week

  4. Wow..I would say they are treasures!


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