26 May 2013

Perfect weather for Christie

It was perfect weather for the Christie Antique Show yesterday. Bright sunshine with cool temperature...not so hot that folks were to exhausted to shop or so cold that they could not get their money out. I have experienced both over the years

Business was brisk and steady all day, so much so that I had no opportunity to take pictures of my own booth, let alone anybody elses. So you will have to make do with piccies of the van being loaded. Happy to report that I did not have to bring any of these blankets home again. Thank Goodness! One was a  Hudson Bay double length sleigh blanket ....about 18 feet long and I could not manage to fold it by myself.

 The only problem with being so busy is that you don't get a chance to chat with as many customers as you would like.
One of my first customers was Nina Stahlschmidt,looking at printed feedsacks, of course. I know she has published a book on this subject and I am determined to track it down.
Also Katherine and her mum, readers of this blog who noticed I would be at the show, sorry I gave you the wrong booth number, I am such a ditz. Next time I hope I have more of a chance to get to know you.
Also, lots of knowledgeable  folks well known the the quilting world...I always enjoy learning more.

Today I am very tired.


  1. what do those HBC point blankets sell for? are other wool blankets valuable? I got a caramel coloured HBC point blanket from a friend last week and I'd like to know what its worth. thanks.

  2. I'm glad your weather has picked up a bit Jan - we've had 2 good days now but I shouldn't tempt fate. I love those white blankets with the colourful stripes.

  3. I LOVE those blankets..Something has gone amiss:( You don't appear on my blogroll anymore..must fix!!


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