16 May 2013

a couple of finds

An interesting blanket label to add to my collection.
 Straight out of  'Jewel in the Crown".

And, another for my Jacqmar scarf collection .  How 50s can you get?

 Not a  new find , but the Liberty scarf I am currently wearing and enamored with , I'm sure I must have shown it to you before.


  1. Gorgeous scarves, especially the ballerina one - but both so pretty

  2. I love both scarves - so different, it's hard to choose!

  3. The ballerina scarf is so 50s - I'm thinking Dame Margot. However, and you know what I'm going to say, I loooove the Liberty one. It's the colour - and the birds.

  4. Your Liberty scarf reminds me of the work of Oliver Messel, very classy and of it's time.

    Jean xx


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