05 May 2013

I think its today......

Today is the anniversary of  4 ( or is it 5?) years of selling vintage textiles on etsy. 

 I gave up on ebay as it had become such an ugly environment.
 Etsy is changing too, going from a handcrafted and vintage site to one packed with cheap factory imports. There are many dynamite shops there but they are increasingly getting lost in the huge increase of sellers and a somewhat dysfunctional search engine.
 I wish I knew the direction this site is going,  I don't think the administration know either.
  But I struggle on with my 3 shops.

  My original shop 'fabriquefantastique' started by selling vintage fabrics only.....but now I hardly sell any fabric, yard goods or remnants.

 'Boutiquefantastique' ...vintage clothing only,  jogs slowly on....I only buy for this shop something jumps out  at me.

And 'foulardfantastique' devoted to scarves. 

Must say, I still enjoy the thrill of the chase.
Please forgive the shameless self promotion.


  1. Hi Jan

    I also started ages ago on Etsy, but have never really got the success that I hoped for, parly because I don't have time to twiddle with it every day. I do so much better on Ebay, although I do prefer Etsy's site - Etsy is more relaxed and easier to use than Ebay - including the fee structure.

    I do hope that Etsy doesn't go the same way at Ebay - rules and yet more rules, changes every few months, dictating how we do our business. Don't hold out much hope though!

  2. Congrats on your selling anniversary. I just enjoyed a snoop through your vintage textiles shop - had forgotten you had it, so I'm glad that you mentioned it.

  3. Well, I adore your quick wit and beautiful finds, Jan. And with Sophia in your banner--oh-la-la--straight to my heart.

  4. I know what you mean Jan. When I first started on Etsy it felt much more like a small(ish) community and it seemed like a much 'kinder' environment. I suppose, with success, it has grown and unfortunately attracted sellers who really shouldn't be on there who Etsy Admin aren't willing - or haven't got the resources - to weed out. I notice the effect of this huge growth particularly in my feedback. At first, you almost always received a little note from the buyer who seemed to appreciate that you were an individual seller working, in most cases, from your own home or workshop. Now, it is more often that people don't leave feedback (unless they want to complain) and the sense of a a community is waning although it still exists to a certain extent unlike on Ebay. I try to reinforce the 'personal touch' in both my shops by entering into communication at each point of the transaction, hoping that people will see the person behind the cyber shop front. So, I am torn because, due to the sucess and larger audience of Etsy, I do get more business (especially in my vintage shop), but I do miss the original ambience. I want it all!!

  5. I did a lot of buying and selling on eBay for a few years, then I just got burnt out I think! And as you said, it could get ugly at times. I always pictured Etsy as a site which dealt purely with handmade goods, so it is sad to hear that it is being taken over by cheap factory imports. Maybe you could start up a new one and maintain a tight control over it, Jan!


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