10 April 2013

Will it never end

Will   this bloody winter never end ?

2 degrees today, freezing rain forecast overnight....rain and cold all next week.

So I looked back at some piccies I took in January in New Zealand.

 You can see where my interests lie.

I'm not all about Liberty scarves and vintage fabric, you know.

 I can't resist a roadside stand or an outdoor food truck.

Much more interesting than the supermarket.

even if I don't know what is on offer.


  1. You are obviously suffering, as I am, from a sunshine and warm breeze deficit. Wishing you an early spring!

  2. Omega plums, perfect for the Bloomsbury group :)
    Jean x

  3. Must admit to having some curiosity as to what an 'apple cucumber' is. Does the sign mean they are selling apples AND cucumbers or is there such a thing as an apple cucumber. Must go now and google...

  4. Are you sure you're not in the U.K.?

  5. apple cucumber is a very mild cucumber shaped like a large apple....kind of boring IMO.

  6. It's no different over here in the UK - we had heavy rain and hail storms all day today, and the so called hot and sunny weekend we've been expecting has now changed to be being heavy rain and cloud!
    Gill xx


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