03 April 2013


Actually , its 1 degree, but  -6  with the wind chill.

But that did not deter this foolhardy raccoon, who apparently has spent the winter in our oak tree, from thinking it was spring.

 At first he/she was coming down head first....ever so slowly. Whilst I was grabbing the camera  he/she managed to turn around.  He/she is not very good at maneuvering down and slipped about 3 feet.

  Rocky was not the only animal to grace our neighbourhood today.

 Toronto's finest were out for a little stroll too.

Bloody snow, will it ever go away.     Note.....do you see a single leaf on a tree yet?


  1. Aw, your raccoon is sweet, though that's probably because we don't have them here...I know they can be little varmints!
    I've been in the garden today and there is a hint of spring with a few buds just starting to unfurl on one of my trees, but it's still bloomin' cold as with you the wind chill is awful. The snow has finally gone, though it has had a few light flurries again this week. We are still having frost at night with the temeratures around -3. We have been threatened with Spring weather soon though.

  2. We don't have any leaves yet, either. But you know what? That racoon is a good sign. I do believe spring will arrive :-) Thanks for the smiles.

  3. I love seeing the mounted police unit in the city - they do so much towards fostering good public relations.


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