26 April 2013

Necessity is the mother of invention

It is always important to keep  listing  new items in an etsy shop

  In New Zealand this past winter I had a hard time replacing the scarves that I sold. But I did notice some fine gentlemens ties in the op shops.  So, nothing venture, nothing gain, I added a new section to foulard.

 A couple have been sold, so I am putting together a basket of ties to take out to my summer markets. But, what to buy? what will my customers be looking for?  Designer, like the Armarni above?  or theme ties?  Ties from the 70s?  hand made ties ( if I can find them)?

Guess I will find out.   The older the better as far as I am concerned,   love the 70s one  with the $5 original price and the 50s 'Lucky Jim' type.
We shall see.......


  1. Good idea Jan. Men's ties are a mystery to me. I have bought them for Mr. T. in the past but I have come to the conclusion that he is better choosing his own. However, I did buy him some Liberty ties for Christmas (new ones, not vintage) just before he announced he wasn't bothering to wear ties at work any more. Grrrrr. I gave them to him anyway but perhaps I'll open them out and use them in something crafty.

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  3. I haven't found any decent scarves for you for months, but there are always lots of ties in the opshops! Shall I start buying up for you? Just kidding! Seriously, I can certainly get some for you, but as with the scarves, it is hard for me to know what you would like. I have about 100 ties in my stash, ready to cut up for crazy patchwork. Too many really, but it's nice to have so many to choose from ;-)


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