02 January 2012

what a busy bee I am

The warehouse/garage wall are feeling a bit damp, no heat this winter, so I decided to move some of my quilts down to the basement to a newly cleared locker....we used to keep all the skiing equipment there. R is the only skier in the house now.


 Sam, my summer student was home for the hols and came to help. Pallets and wood on the floor.
Just starting,...... figured I could get two stacks x 3 in there.

 Nearly finished one level.


starting on the second lot.

 Hmm...its taking more than I thought. Guess my spatial  awareness is not what I thought.

 I hope I remember what the hell I have got.

 Third lot coming down......calling it quits for the day, but there is still lots of room.

Like others I am having problems with the new blogger set up, I am a bit of a techno dinosaur.


  1. so many!!! I would spend hours looking through those.....

  2. oh my goodness!! I love your collection and storage system :)


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