10 January 2012

St Lawrence Sunday Market

A medium ( but long) day at St Lawrence Sunday Market. Lots of people, started out with a bang, but not much action in the afternoon.

some of my  vintage fabrics
 The lovely 40s floral, full length drapes finally found just the right home.

basket of firoshiki
 Vintage furoshiki drew much attention but none sold.

ethnic textiles
 Asian and Oriental textiles did not do so well, either.  I can't get it right every time, I suppose.

Jeanette set up an all yellow table and was having a half price sale. Wish I had bought that lovely big platter.

Etsy has added a link button to Pinterest... I have been busy pinning all my etsy items. But I don't quite 'get it'. What do people do with Pinterest?


  1. You have lovely fabrics for sale. I haven't seen Pinterest until now. I am not so sure what it is about either.... ?? I guess we'll all figure it out.

  2. Beautiful stuff as usual. Pinterest lets you have a place where you can keep everything that inspires you, you might want to purchase, make, read, listen too etc in the future. Your boards and pins can be shared with others. So in short if you put all your etsy goods on to one board entitled: Stuff for sale...you get wider visibility than just with etsy. Pinterest is used by lots of us designers and is getting more popular every day. Hope this is helpful.

  3. I think Pinterest is as much fun as a video game. It is deeper than design*sponge and so full of beautiful things but the absolute best part is that it is exactly liking ripping pages out of magazines and filing the ideas away for the future except that you don't have to file, you don't have to destroy magazines and the ideas are with you any place that has a computer with internet access.


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