02 October 2017


My blogging mojo has disappeared for a while. Instagram has taken over I'm afraid.

But,  I have spent time at our summer cabin. Dawn photo here as I was woken up by the loons.

I have also found time to make a helluva lot of plum jam

 and have been kept busy with my Saturday morning market stall.

Mojo will return soon I hope.


  1. Just looking at that dawn photo makes me feel peaceful! Hope your mojo returns soon. So far, I haven't succumbed to Instagram ... xxx

  2. Me neither - just one more time thief that I could do without.

  3. Being woken up by loons - my idea of heaven. No Instagram for me I'm afraid and a very limited presence on facebook...don't even know how to tweet (and don't care to either).

    1. Have to say I think twitter is a waste, and I never Have got the hang of facebook.


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