13 July 2017

Well planted

HEADS UP....lots of photos

Stepping away from textiles for a bit.

Last week we stayed with some very old friends at their new home  in Niagara on the Lake.

 They have bought a house with a very well established shade garden.

I have to say its the most well designed garden I have come across.

Not large, and first planted about 1987.

Perfect for what may be their last home don't you think?

 I would have liked to have made a collage of these pics,but I don't know how.
Another thing to work on.....sigh.

 Back to vintage textiles soon.


  1. What a little paradise, so much to discover and enjoy...ahhhh, the lavender!

    1. Yes it is, I wish I had an 'eye' for planting.

  2. Such a peaceful place. The rain this year has made so many things so lush and green - quite evident in these pictures.


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