30 November 2016

on the line November 2016

The washing line in the side drive always has something on it.
Either drying, airing or being assessed.

1930s applique is OK, just needs a rebind - a job for next summer.

1960s 60s crazy quilt with older -  1940s -50s cottons, I took off the back and batting the back as almost all the stitching , both quilting and  binding, had disintegrated. Must  have been a really cheap poly thread.


Lovely depression era 'fans' in the back of the van, waiting its turn. ( its in almost perfect nick)

  Made from vintage sheets circa 1960s - 70s, just needed a rinse.

Sold already!

' Umbrella' ??? applique, 1950s, needs a good soak , but other than that in good shape.
 Pity it's so ugly.  ( whoops, I'll never sell it with a remark like that)


  1. I love that 1930s applique, it's fabulous. The orange one is fab too, no wonder it's sold already. xxx

    1. Thanks P.P. ust found the first ne at the bottom of a pile of 'to be seen to". Dont know how long I have had it!

  2. Wow, that orange one is stunning.

    1. Eye Catching ...yes, but not very well made,


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