17 November 2016


 Its been a month or so since I managed to set up an account on Instagram or  'Instagran' as my kids call it. It's a learning curve.

I posted a photo of my WIP ( sorting the mini warehouse ) and , again on the advice of my kids, instead of  using #Toronto, I  used  #the six   or  #the6,  a current nickname for this town. Well, I must have had every DJ, pop-up nightclub, strip-joint and more in town  ' like' this piccie.

Spanish riding school, Vienn

Later, I posted a photograph of a vintage souvenir scarf from my etsy shop ( I seem to have deleted the original)   of Atlantic City.  OH DEAR  -  every stripper  and more  in New Jersey liked that one . Some I had removed from the  Instagram site,  I know, I'm such an old killjoy
  Original photo deleted I'm afraid, but see it here and here

I can't say it is bringing any sales but it's lots of fun,  I follow all sorts of sites, like this one  https://www.instagram.com/a.tiara.a.day/?hl=en
and this one  https://www.instagram.com/liberty_dstudio/?hl=en


  1. I am totally avoiding instagram because I spend far too much time down the rabbit hole more commonly called pinterest. Can't afford to bet involved anywhere else. Glad you're having fun with it though (even though you're getting some questionable pop ups!).

  2. I'm also avoiding Instagram due to 'time wasting' issues but also because it is better suited to phones/ipads/tablets etc. and I prefer to do my online stuff on a desktop.

  3. Lynn, I gave one of those links specially for you,


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