08 March 2016


Mercury Bay has been  home for the past couple of weeks.

Basic groceries /Post Office/ Library are in Whitianga, a short ( very short) ferry ride away.

Home to a charming Saturday morning market.

A war memorial  - I always stop to read a few names, its the least I can do.

Four good oppies.  I have only been  to  three of them,  but managed to clean up.

Yesterday the Mercury Bay Area schools were having a swim meet.

 They were  all swimming 2k from Ferry Landing to Whitianga Wharf.
 Intermediate girls were first in.

What a healthy, enthusiastic bunch of kids!

Follow some of the links....much better photos than mine!.


  1. Looks like you had fun.
    Off to throw another log on the fire - those swimsuits have made me feel chilly.

    1. Still enjoying the warmth. But it hasnt been a terrible winter has it?

  2. Seeing your silver pieces made me laugh. I spent most of yesterday afternoon cleaning my mother's silverware so it seemed really familiar to see some in your post!

    1. I will have to have a polishing day when I get back.


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