17 March 2016

To Market,to market

Some images of markets from this trip.
I love a local market day.

Santa Monica.

Nelson, NZ. Wednesday Farmers market,

and Saturday general market

and Sunday second hand market.

Coroglen, on the Coromandel peninsula has a charming, rural  Sunday morning event....lots of atmosphere.

Whitianga, of a Saturday morning, in the center of town. ( having trouble with my photo spacing folks!)

Finally, the very lively Rarotonga Saturday morning.

I tried not to spend too much.


  1. 'Visually Distressed' - I love it! But have to say that I would love that fibre display even more!!

  2. Markets always look better when the sun is shining.

    1. yes, you are right. I can think of some bloody awful days when I have been to a market, howling winds, sideways rain or so cold you could not get your money out.


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