24 July 2015

Needlework box

The memory of a vintage sewing basket that I had to leave in Richmond NZ about 10 years ago has left a permanent scar. It  was a  standing basket lined with 1930s floral cretonne that  was much too big to carry home 

However, last year I managed to pick up an adorable knitting basket from  the same area, Wakefield, The Pigeon Valley to be exact.

I do have a thing about sewing boxes, bags and baskets.

Which brings me too a new venture from my blog buddy Lynn at Tialys.
She has actually made a downloadable tutorial for her darling hexagonal sewing boxes......go on, have a look

Well done Lynn, I'm very impressed.


  1. Thank you Jan - so kind of you to say so.

    I love that knitting basket of yours. That would be a nice project to do with vintage wicker baskets that you often see in junk shops. Now, there's an idea.......

  2. Anonymous25 July, 2015

    Don't you hate it when you pass on a wonderful treasure, when on vacation, and then can never forget it?! The hexagonal box is very attractive!

  3. I am scared for life. Also the spinning wheel in Levin, NZ for $20, I can still see it.

  4. Ah the regrets we have over the things we've left behind in thrift stores and yard sales!


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