29 July 2015

A few days at the lake

A glorious couple of days at the lake last week. Perfect weather with a cool lake breeze. 

The above 1950s Dresden Plate was whipped into shape. Very torn border and a few shattered spokes.
I was toying with rebinding in red, or piecing the old blue border to make a narrow binding.

 In the end I merely removed the blue and turned the white backing to the front to bind. A bit anemic but  in truth, it was not really  a good enough piece to command more effort.

The latest batch of gooseberry jam.  We have a bumper crop this year. A bit of a fiddle as we do not get those huge UK goosgogs. I must say I was proud of myself as I did not have any kind of recipe and had to play it by ear. Gooseberries are high in pectin and they all jelled perfectly.

More knitting now off the needles.     Vintage wool bought at an oppie in Richmond NZ and

My tried and true Beehive pattern c 1930.

Please, do not think I sit and do nothing.....I read three books as well. All left my my daughters and DIL who keep me well supplied with reading material.


  1. Anonymous30 July, 2015

    You sound plenty busy enough to me! I love the Dresden Plate design--nice that you could salvage that old girl!

  2. We wouldn't dare think that!


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