16 February 2015

A busy morning

A busy morning in Port Nelson.

The Jeppersen Maersk is leaving. It arrived yesterday and banged and bashed all night loading and un loading containers.

But see....2 other ships waiting to enter, the tugs and pilot ship whizzing about.

The Glorious Kauri, at 23,000 tons, ready to pick up logs, most likely to take them to China.

  Spirit of Endurance, a container ship  at 7464 tons came in very tentatively under command with no tug assistance.

 All this before 9am.I love a little light entertainment before breakfast..


  1. Oh, I wondered how big the container ship would be that's carrying my friend's furniture and car! Think I have an idea now! Maybe that was it?

  2. Is this the marine equivalent of train spotting Jan? :)

  3. Not so sure I would be thrilled with all the banging and clanging, but definitely would love watching the ships themselves.


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