01 February 2015

At last

After 12 years of visiting New Zealand I finally managed to spend a few days in Auckland.
 It is very spread out, not surprising given the terrain, but I was not prepared for the massive 6-8 lane highways criss-crossing the city and the amount of traffic.

The Art Gallery of Auckland was a delight.  Kiwis are wonderful curators,  museums and galleries of all sizes across the land are always so well put together.
 I specially enjoyed watching budding architects experimenting with the special lego

 A day out at The Auckland Botanical Gardens .  Although I take tons of photos ( some quite good I think) you can see many more  here.

We had to pick up  a little something for dinner, so we trotted down to the fish market where  and were spoiled for choice.

One night we  went to the flicks  ( Mr Turner, I recommend it )

and I  smiled at the announcement for a special screening where you are encouraged to take your knitting.....that would suit me very well.


  1. Good to see you back in NZ. Will you be popping through Taupo?

    1. Alas no, just down from Keri Keri ( another blog)and am now in Nelson. I wish we had motored down and spent overnight ( at least) in Taupo.

  2. Now how fabulous is that - to have the lighting so that knitters can do their thing. Wouldn't it be something if that caught on?

  3. How serendipitous - my BFF is moving to Auckland in two weeks' time - I shall miss her terribly. I watched a property prog on tv last week where they were selling flats in Auckland. One of them had a verandah directly above that traffic you describe! I don't think I would enjoy watching a film with the click-click of knitting needles filling the theatre (even though I am a knitter and crocheter myself, there's a time and a place!).

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