15 September 2014

Scarves for September

Not one , but five scarves are my choice for September, from my personal collection, found over the years.

Peacock Feathers, or Hera,  designed by Arthur Silver about 1887, revived in the mid 70s for Liberty of Londons scarf collection. It is one of the oldest Liberty signature prints.

My five all look wonderful together and I cannot help feel the colourways were chosen to look good in display together.
Oh, I also have a wool shawl in the Hera print, I should have dug it out for this photograph .I remember buying it in a charity shop in Sandwich, Kent in the early 90s.

Nearly time to start wearing them........they are waiting on my dresser.


  1. I love this design. Those colours really do look gorgeous together. Are these the ones you pulled out of your collection to stroke this week?

  2. I love that print. I've got a few photo frames from the early 90s in it.


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