01 September 2014


Time to take out vintage work shirts to my market stall....mostly Pendleton. or Canadian made hunting shirts  if I can get them.
But this terrific label was in my box, Not a lot of information on this company to be had......but I learnt more of the Chippewa. and I am assuming this shirt comes from Ohio.

This Condons label on a fine vintage blanket  that I have just found.
 From Charlottestown, PEI ,
the mill was founded in the late 1800s and I believe  closed in 1989.
I was horrified to find this has since happened,

I just might hang on to this historic wool blanket,

And an old Whitney label on a pretty blue and white blanket with an unusual coarse weave,


  1. I like the teal coloured blanket stitch around the Condons blanket. Are people starting to think about blankets and plaid shirts over there now? We are having a belated summer - it was 30 degrees today.

  2. we are also having a belated summer, but I am not going to sell vintage sunsuits this time of year!


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