01 July 2014

To the bar.....

On the way to Roy Thomson Hall for a special occation, I was separated  from my husband on the subway .

Fortunately, I was pretty sure if I followed this fellow I would get out at the right stop and I was right.

Our youngest daughter was being called to the bar.
That her, 5th ( or is it 6th ) row, 3 in from the center aisle on the right.!

A more culturally diverse bunch you could't find.  Young ( and not so young, I saw a lot of bald heads) from every background and ethnic mix.....so very Toronto.

 Unfortunately I did not realize she had to rent her barristers  robes, her permanent, made to measure ones will not be ready till the autumn, so the above is the only picture I have of her gowned.

She went back to law school as a mature student, not the easiest route and has worked her but off.
She will be a splendid lawyer. Well done Louise.


  1. Well done to your girl. Good Luck with her career. I only have home-taken pics of my son in his gown on Graduation Day - I couldn't afford the 'official' photographs!Memories serve you better, I think.

  2. Many congratulations to your daughter.
    Did you find your husband?

  3. Wow you must be proud. Congratulations.


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