25 July 2014

on the line

Now that my fractured shoulder is on the mend I am able to chuck old  quilts over the line again.

At the market.....

 In the side drive......

 and at the cabin.

  Some are terrific, some not.

 Some are even sold already. ....as the above on its first time out.

 Its a good way to assess what needs to be done. Like the one above that will have to go as a 'cutter'.
Perhaps Tim Latimer could do something with it......my new favorite blog to read.


  1. A wonderful line of true art! Love your quilts! I have a friend, an artist out of New Mexico you would love to meet. She also does fantastic quilts among other things. Tell her Dedrianne sent you! https://www.facebook.com/Poozart


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