26 December 2012

Over for another year

Christmas is over for another year. Everything was under control at our house.

The wreath was on the door and the outside lights switched on.  I understand that the window cleaners now offer a 'put up the lights' service...if I am in the money next year I will use them as we have two 40 ft pine trees on the lawn.

The tree was decorated with all the old ornaments, including Sams gingerbread men.

The Christmas cactus bloomed right on time. This one is 38 years old,found by my daughter in the trash..

This year the poinsettias  from out local garden center were a rich coral pink.

We even had snow....well sort of.

The table was laid with the best china and the 'once a year' tablecloth....( bought at a garage sale about 12 years ago)

 The Christmas pud blazed merrily. I have not bothered to make my own for about 3 years, ever since I discovered 'allthebest'  here in Toronto.
Christmas cake was conveniently bought at the TGH volunteer bake sale....$10 each and I was very happy.
 BUT....I forgot the crackers and I am down to my last jar of my mincemeat made from Delias recipe about 6 years ago I think.


  1. Our Christmas cacti bloomed for Christmas also.. we have a few..:) different colors and usually they are done by Christmas..they bloom twice for us..but usually Dec 5th..done..this yr..all in bloom..I love those~

    I think we have new people in our little town that lived near the Brickworks?Is that the name of your market? I thought of you~
    Wish I had a window washer..i do..but I am married to him and we share the chore..but we won't attempt our tall spruces..just colonial candles in the windows..the potting shed gets adorned..and the arch..Send them here:)
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays~

  2. It all looks wonderful, a perfect sort of Christmas! Xxx

  3. Traditions are wonderful and it looks like you have a lovely day. Happy Christmas.

  4. Ooh we made Delia's mincemeat this year and it was blooming gorgeous. I bought my husband a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas and told my daughter it will be her heirloom as she lusts after one but she's not having one in University halls of residence. He made a pannetone with it and I was very proud as it was much better and fresher tasting than the shop bought ones generally are.
    I hope you continue to enjoy the remainder of the festivities. x x


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