17 November 2012

Knitting du jour

A charming wee scarf, hand knitted in fine Merino wool, that I bought at an op shop in New Zealand last winter. I listed it in my etsy shop and it is now living in Hong Kong. But not before I copied the pattern. The first time I have ever done that and it was not so difficult.

Tired of knitting baby sweaters, I set out to use up some of my vast yarn stash. I remember working with this pink Phildar yarn in 1982 on a trip to Vermont. That was the holiday the youngest broke her leg skiing.

Some of the stash has been around the house since the early 70s. I never would buy man made yarn these days, but am enjoying how these are knitting up. Simple garter stitch looks completely different with every yarn.

Olive green chenille yarn of unknown content bought at a street market in Florence for 1 Euro.

Thought I had a unique, funky/vintage project until I found a million similar items for sale on-line. Great minds think alike I suppose.


  1. There may be similar ones online but none will have your unique story attached to it. How I would love to see your 'stash'!

  2. Wow, must certainly have an amazing stash!

  3. I do, indeed, have an amazing stash


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