02 November 2012

75% sure.....

Some more vintage Liberty silk scarves for my collection.

 The middle one, 1950's I think,   I have in other colourways, but the scarf at the top is a new pattern for me (60's 70's perhaps)

Usually,  I know definitely  when an unmarked scarf is a Liberty. Not sure why I am holding back on this one, the color is right, the printing is right, the size is right. I think is is the depth of the border that is throwing me off.
. Actually, the more I look, the more I think it is.....lets up date that title to 85% sure.....maybe 90%.


  1. Oh, how I wish I still had Mom's scarves!

  2. Lovely red scarf - I think it is Liberty too, although I'm not as experienced as you. Isn't it so annoying when the label has been removed?

  3. They are all lovely anyway. Why are some unmarked? Is it because they had a tag and it has fallen off?


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