24 February 2012

Nelson Market

A visit to the top of the south island of New Zealand is not complete without dropping by the Saturday Market in Nelson. 

 For some reason, this morning I did not photograph the lashings of fresh, summer produce, wine, jams, wools, dressmakers or local eateries.

All these colourful shoes are hand crafted.

 One of several hand made soap and cosmetic stalls.

 I like the way a vivid, patterned, spread has been used as a ceiling.

 My favorite wood turner, wish I could have one of the large bowls, but alas they will not fit in my suitcase.

 You can't go wrong with green hand thrown dishes.

 or these striped little numbers.

Reminder to self, ask for a business card, so you can give these deserving artisans a link....silly me.


  1. All the goodies look wonderful Jan. I have to admit to a very soft spot for the wood. I think I would have to had ditched some of my clothes to take home those wooden pieces!! You are having a lovely time. Cheers.

  2. I like the stripes too. Markets are always fascinating places to wander. Take a bigger suitcase next time ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

  3. i haven't been here in ages! i love those striped dishes!


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