22 June 2017

update on scarves

Alas,no Liberty scarves for  my collection on my latest foray to the thrift stores to restock  my shop ( I had not been since March -- honest)

I bought an unusual Jacqmar scarf.
 Jacqmar always reminds me of my mother,see my avi here, I believe they were made in Rochester, near where I come from.

The price was right on this nice quality cruise line souvenir

but I dont care what the price is when it leaves a nasty glue mark like this!!

A somewhat bizarre take of of Jacqmar - made in Italy???

My favorite, a unisex old Macclesfield silk, 18" selvedge to selvedge. Love it and it is staying with me.

Also staying with me, at least for now,  a summery cotton Perry Ellis.

The first Marimekko I have ever thrifted destined for my etsy shop.

 Gorgeous lipstick  red also  destined for fabriquefantastique  --  I think.

And the requisite Hermes --Bride de Cour.

Lots more fabulous pieces, dare not tell you how muchI spent and how many I acquired for the shop.


  1. Our local(ish) charity shop scrawls the price in pencil on the vintage linen sheets which really annoys me as I'm scared it won't come out. I have also known sticky labels to hide a flaw.
    I still want to know who on earth would give a Hermes scarf to a thrift store. Lucky for you they do.

    1. Lynn,I have always thought that they come from estates or house clearing agencies.Or perhaps nursing homes


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