09 February 2017

Busy busy.....

Its all happening,

in all kinds of weather,  

at all times of the day and night,

beneath my kitchen window,

in Port Nelson, New Zealand.

   The tugs chugging out tell me there's going to be action!

I never tire of the activity

even when the crashing and banging of loading and unloading of containers keep me awake all night.
In fact, I find it rather comforting.

Off to the North Island next week.


  1. I would never get anything done because I'd have to be glued to the window watching all the activity. What fun!

  2. What an amazing view to look out on. Love the colours in the penultimate photo, with the green ship! xxx

  3. Soo interesing! I used to do marine (cargo) insurance and remember Maersk.


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