02 June 2013

Liberty scarves

Its been a while since I gave you an update on my Liberty scarf collection  ( at least 2 weeks!)   Here are my new additions.

Lovely  large brown paisley, 35" square with a hand rolled hem. I wonder when the 'c' and the 'r' were introduced on the imprint. Were they made for another country or store?

Two earlier ones, from the 1950s I think, both with a wee label, my favorite sort.  Soft, gentle colours. I love the rose block print, alas it is very dirty, even I can't get the stains out.


  1. What a shame about the rose block print Jan - it's beautiful.

  2. The rose block print one is lovely. As it's so stained I'd use it to tie back a curtain or something else. It would be a shame to ditch something as gorgeous as that.

  3. I never, never ditch anything.....

  4. Hi Jan! glad to hear your still keen :0) i love the print on ALL of those beautiful scarves. i wonder if the c in a circle means the print is copyrighted? I don't know about the b though!


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