24 March 2013

Street Food

Toronto could have the best street food in the world as it is such an ethnically diverse and culturally rich city.

 Instead it is bound by an uptight and bureaucratic Department of Health. Pre cooked sausages are the only food allowed to be sold from a cart.

New Zealand seems to be more outward and encourage entrepreneurship.  Here are some stalls that I enjoyed around Tasman district last month.

But all is not lost....Toronto is having a bit of a food renaissance  in the form of Food Trucks and  I have found a couple of sites and blogs with information. Unfortunately, the trucks appear to pop up infrequently and are confined to trendy

downtown areas, not the  middle class, mid town neighborhood where I live.

I am encouraged however and have signed on for updates. Bring 'em on.


1 comment:

  1. It's a shame when the Department of Silly Works turns up and ruins things although I guess there have to be some sort of controls where food is concerned.
    London - also being ethnically and culturally diverse - is a great place for street food. I think you can get almost anything from a van there now! The French markets aren't bad sometimes although there is a reliance on paella and mussels around here and, if you're lucky, a Chinese lady turns up and cooks several woks of yummy stuff.


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