02 November 2010

where did all those views come from

Halloween at our house. These are the last Halloween reference you will get this year, I promise.

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day trying to figure out why this piece of vintage fabric, printed with American footballers, below, which is in my etsy shop received over 300 views in a matter of hours!
I was convinced it was on the front page. Craftcult showed nothing, Craftopolis has removed its Treasure Track tab, I even checked Regretsy. I took over the forums (I'm sure etsians are fed up with me) I even quizzed my team etsyexpats. Nothing. Finally, about 4pm the very talented Cindylou ( a beautiful jeweler) suggested looking at Google Analytics, she guided me through it. F It turns out this item, plus a few more etsy lists had been mentioned on uniwatchblog, a daily sporting blog.....a wee mention and link. Cindylou is a whiz! she even found exactly where the mention was. Thank you, Cindy.
Certainly showed me the power of the internet, but, after all that, the fabric still hasn't sold.....boo.

I also spent considerable time wrestling with the treasuries. Craftopolis was so easy to manage with its Treasure Tracks tab.
I'm happy to report that these items were featured yesterday.

this vintage Micky Mouse sheet on Its a cat and mouse game, put together by the talented Justonelook, Linda always has the wittiest treasuries, note her welcoming comment.

and Sam featured this 30s quilt top in Spanglish, so colorful and easy on the eye. Its a wonder Sam finds the time to do this as she is in undated with orders at the moment, deservedly so.
By the way, I met R (my husband) in Spain.


  1. I don't mind you mentioning Halloween again - everyone is talking about Christmas already !!!
    Thank or your comment. I think that has to be my favourite little dress made for " Dress Up "

  2. Love the pumpkins! That's quite good that you got 30 vieqws! Shame it didn't sell though, I still haven't had anything bought from my shop yet, lotsa views, but waiting for the first sell! :) x

  3. Cute Halloween pumpkins, one is sad and other cheerful. I love all kind of fabrics. Just browsing thorough blog and enjoying myself. And becoming your follower:

  4. So happy to hear you figured out where the views came from! Cindy Lou has helped me out before too...Etsy sellers are so nice!

    Warm hugs,

  5. Your pumpkins are wonderful!


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