19 November 2010

Color in the Garden

Not a hell of a lot going on in the garden now, but I enjoy these super colors and shapes almost as much as the glaring dahlias. A couple of different hydrangeas,

Almost the last bouquet, a few lonely roses and some cosmos....can't believe its mid November. The old fashioned chrysanthemums will keep going a little while longer.

Josephine Russell of Russell Jewelry Design has an amazing blog, Crafted by Hands Gallery, where anyone can post their hand made items that fit her daily (I think) theme....Anyone ! . Doesn't matter where your selling site is. How very generous of her....not like old curmudgeon me. I found it on the expats forum (Jo lives in Mexico) It is well worth looking at.

I'm fed up with my Friday Hermes day.....you can always see them here and am moving on to my Jacqmar collection. I must have about 50, collected over the years. To me, they are the most English of scarves.


  1. It amazes me the flowers and plants that actually bloom the whole year around, even in such a cold middle-Europe climate as here. Love the images from your garden!

  2. Loving the flowers....great images.

  3. Your garden is still lovely!

  4. Bonjour mon amie. J'aime les couleurs d'automne. Now aren't you feeling better about those faded blooms? A bit of romantic French will perk nearly anyone up. (You'll have to imagine the muscled man with a bouquet of roses all on your own.)
    P.S. Can't wait to see your next collection. Some of your items make me smile!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Jan - thanks for your comment on my blog re the mags - I can't reply privately because your blog is set to 'no reply' , so could you email me at marmic1954 at hotmail dot com? Thanks!


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