10 November 2010

New finds, an Hermes day

Last week we picked the last of the dahlias, the mornings are too cold for them now. But we still have a huge clump of these tiny, but straggly, old fashioned copper chrysanthemums. They are just about my favorite flower...the last flowers left in the garden and they do very well after a frost. They came with the house and I believe the plant to be well over 50 years old. You know how I feel about old plants....

out at the thrift shops, picked up this 30s grandmothers garden, here airing in the drive. It is not pristine, but OK. The binding is a rather lumpy lilac sateen that I don't like very much, but, I think it is original, so the binding will stay.

a great scarf day, a Jacqmar and a Liberty that I have not got (you know I have almost 700). It seems I stumbled on this combination not long ago.

AND an Hermes scarf for my collection, olive green animal alphabet, a small stain, I don't care. Actually, I think its kind of an ugly scarf....I just like the thrill of the chase.


  1. Hi Jan, thanks for your comment. Well, I have this rule, no housework in the afternoon and it certainly was not day for the garden! Not much doing there anyway from now on for some time.
    Always love your "scarf" days, where do you find them all?

  2. Oh, I could come and raid your cupboards for that quilt (to die for!!) and those scarves (love love love the Hermes! Delicious!

    I've been tagged in a 4 x4 things list. Come and look and my answers and play if you have the time or inclination!

  3. The quilt is beautiful, great scarf finds too! The flowers are beautiful too! You should come visit Scotland again, I'm biased obviously as I love the place, but I forget how many beautiful places there are until I'm away working in them! :) x

  4. Your flowers look so pretty there. Great finds & the quilt is rather pretty.

  5. Great finds! I love the quilt!


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