08 November 2010

Sunday Market

Sunday at St Lawrence Market. Olga has a fantastic bold look every week with her costume jewelry.

Jeanette with aqua this time....she brings a different color every week.

these are the plates I would have bought if I could buy more china.

I tried a pile of Asian textiles this week...I think they are fabulous, but alas, no takers. I met a lovely young woman from southern India and we had a long conversation on Indian textiles, I learn something new every day.

My regular stack of vintage fabrics. Nothing sold from this pile either! But, nevertheless, I had a good day, lots of people and a bustling atmosphere.

Again, the etsy treasuries have been very kind to me. All these have been curated by members of the etsyexpats team. To be a member you have to be living in a country not of your birth, its funny how that binds people together, we all have that one thing in common. They are a chatty, fun, varied group.

this pretty vintage scarf was part of 'greetings from across the sea' put together by Tialys. She now lives in France and has a charming creative shop.

My souvenir scarf was in 'gifts my mum would love' Macky, aka moon and lion, not only makes fantastic art and collages, makes treasuries, she has a dynamic rock band 'MOSTROS'... ...you have to take a look at this ....she is amazing and it shows in her shop.

and Karen of KarensLoom who now lives in Buenos Aries, Argentina, outdid herself with two great lists. One' we are not told whose gifts are gold' showed one of my vintage coats, and, War or Roses that featured some sweet old quilting cotton. Karens lists are thoughtful and imaginative...just like her beautiful weaving.

Somehow, these creative lists always seem to show something of the curator as well.


  1. wow I'm surprised noone bought from those piles, you had some lovely fabrics there. Glad you had a good day though
    : )

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love that somebody would theme their vintage stall by colour. She must have loads of stock. It looks like a fun market.

  4. yes, Jeanette does have a huge stock....all color coded...she knows where every single item is.

  5. That piece of fabric with the horse riding cowboys is so cool!


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