13 November 2010

Tumbling leaves

The leaves have really started to fall here, this pile is outside our house.

Today, a quick update on my etsy action.
Again I was wondering about an increase in views on a couple of items. A peruse of social mention turned up this blog, 'apartment therapy'. For their thanksgiving table post they featured my vintage linen runner.....

and a pile of vintage pillowcases. These pillowcases proved very popular this week (funny how this works) and were also shown in two treasuries.

Last thoughts, put together by realfaery. Betti has a funky felt shop with lots of original items, do look.

No place like home was curated by a newcomer to the etsyexpats team FrenchFabrics (how can I resist that name). A chance for everyone to check out her OOAK items.

Oh...those expats. Sam had a horrible day, so she turned to the team for support and curated this treasury as a thank you. With a little help from my friends...an animated treasury that included this 1930s fabric (one of my favorite pieces). Sam has a lively shop and blog.

White Christmas was put together by Karen, a weaver who now lives in Argentina. She is very talented, with a gorgeous, tasteful shop. Karen featured this vintage 'bread' doily that is also the header for my profile on the other etsy team I belong to TAFA....textile and fiber arts.

finally, this vibrant 'fans' scarf made it to this original list Recession Buster made by Decorating Yourself, a shop I have just discovered that sells super vintage jewelry.


  1. The leaves are tumbling here as well. In the park behind my building there are so much leaves, much more than on trees ;)

  2. Your posts are so fun to read and filled with so many wonderful links. Merci.

    Have you ever visited these folks in North Carolina?


    Happy rest of the weekend.

  3. Leaves are all over the ground here too, even had a little snow already! Great links, I love the fabrics and the linen runner is so bright and pretty! :) x

  4. Man, what a pile of leaves! What do you do with them? Mulch?


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