22 November 2010

My mothers Jacqmar scarf

This week has got off to a very good start.

Lois (aka 13 threads) one of my favorite etsy shops, gave me a terrific link on her blog today.
Since Lois was blogging about Hermes scarves and I have nearly finished putting up my collection on flickr, I decided it was time to start listing my vintage Jacqmar collection.... I got down the box, think I have about 70.
Haven't got very far yet but I have started with the most personal one...my mothers scarf from the 1950s. (above)

When I look for a blog to put on my reader I first look for something in common...knitting, sewing, textiles, vintage perhaps...then, except for a fine academic site, like The Textile Blog, I look for a sense of time and place. NessaKnits has this, she lives in Australia and gave a lovely link to this blog today. Thank you Nessa!

Check these sites out!

Those etsy expats have been at it again. Two very different treasuries. Above, this pretty fabric was featured in A rose by any other name , put together by JustOneLook, Linda has two great etsy shops and lives in Florida.

and, this shimmery sari was part of Presents for women who celebrate life...well. thats got to be me...curated by uniqueunique, who makes lovely fused glass jewelry (psst...she has free shipping in the US at the moment)


  1. Oh Jan I love that scarf the colours are so gorgeous.

  2. It is amazing how the scarf that is 60 years old looks so perfect: colors, print, fabric...

  3. Hi Jan, thanks for your comments today:))I like Selvedge, I had a subscription for a couple of years some 5 years ago (special offer), it is a really quality magazine, I can't even begin to compare to what I got in the post! It is up-market, with a price to match, but you get a lot of interesting stuff in it. May be I will go back to it..

  4. Hello Jan, thank you for your comments - that`s what I love about blogging - people just pop in from anywhere in the World just like good friends popping in for a cuppa! I think you`ll have to join the queue for that little cottage - I`m sure it won`t be derelict for long - they`re like goldust in this part of the world! I love your collection of scarves. I`ve sold a few on Ebay but think I was shortchanged, as usual!

  5. Lovely scarf, would never know how it old it was, looks brand new! :) x

  6. I started enjoying scarves then seemed to get drawn into vintage. And now really appreciate the history and what to look out for. I go to Shoreditch for scarves and also Peekaboo in London. Online I tend to watch https://thescarfboutique.co.uk/categories/SCARVES/Vintage/ some great ones come up but they sell quick. I have my scarves displayed in my bedroom and my special ones I have framed around the house. It is difficult to get them framed well as they have to mounted in a special way, but they look beautiful on the wall, especially with a wall light.


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