04 November 2010


Our herb pot tucked up for the night as we are expecting a light frost.

My LYS is having a book and pattern sale...so I dropped by. Knitamatic is, handily, just around the corner. I treated myself to 5 0r 6 books (at $5 each) and several $1 patterns.
Knitamatic is full of light, and, of course, packed with color and texture. They have a informative blog, offer lots of classes and I always meet someone I know there.
What do you think of the bike in progress outside!

I do have another LYS...It is The Purple Sock, in Coldwater, Ontario, a small town of about 1100 souls. We pass through on our way to the cabin in the summer months. I often stop by this very friendly, comforting store for a little stock up.
Both Haley and Lynn know I don't buy too much yarn ( I love 'found' vintage wool) but welcome me anyway.

The mid week treasuries have been so kind.

My ivy cotton featured in and look what I have found a collection of fantastic items from the Tafa team, put together by Hagarae, from Israel. Do look at her exciting jewelry, often incorporating fabrics.

Etsyexpats glorious leader!! the hope tree,curated this lovely list from the groups members. A gift of friendship. Hope lives in France and has a delightful shop jammed with French antiques...just up my line. Thank you for including my polka dot scarf.

Birds of a feather....another expat tribute was conceived by Linda, of Justonelook, she has a couple of shops in Florida. She says she woke up knowing what her treasury would be that day! She used my 50s geese fabric.

I wonder how these curators come up with such visually dynamic, thoughtful treasuries using only a limited amount of etsy shops?


  1. Jan I love how you used a butterfly quilt over your herb pot! So fitting... Have a great week!

    Warm hugs,

  2. What a happy pot to be covered with such a pretty cover. Thanks for all of the fun links.

    P.S. Loved your snazzy bicycle.

  3. I love the progress on bike. Such a lovely color combination...

  4. Hi Jan, thank you for visiting and your lovely comment. The images below the posts on my blog (is that what you mean?) is a slide show of my work shown previously. As I put so much other stuff on my blog, I thought it would be nice to have just all my work together somewhere.

  5. Beautiful quilt covering the herb pot! I also love the bike!


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