24 November 2010

Jacqmar scarves

Since I posted an image of my mothers 50s scarf a couple of days ago I have become obsessed with my Jacqmar collection. I took the box down from the top of the cupboard and started to sort. As I generally just stuff a new scarf into the appropriate box ( you know how I love the thrill of the chase) I had not looked at this lot for a while. Many are not very clean!! So I have been washing by hand, individually. I like to use Eucalan, a very mild Canadian product that you do not have to rinse, its biodegradable, phosphate free and has added lanolin that makes it super useful for wool. (Am NOT being paid by Eucalan, though this would be nice, hint hint) each silk scarf only takes a few minutes to dry over the edge of the bath tub.
Doing some research ,I came across this site, quite the best scarf site I've seen. My goodness, I've had and have a lot of the items featured there. Have spent some of the day listing on flickr

an interesting London souvenir.

Several different colorways

and a pretty coral pink paisley. I don't intend to list them all on the blog...just now and then!

Isewcute made a treasury today, festive finds in red and green and included this quilt top of mine, for sale on etsy. Do check out Isewcute's shop, full of fun things....embroidery patterns, resin jewelry and more.
Oh...by the way, I have a new banner on etsy...tell me what you think.


  1. Your etsy banner looks great!

  2. What a collection! These are stunning. Love your London souvenir.

  3. Bonjour Jan.

    You have fabulous things to share. Your banner looks really lovely, clean and simple and tells your story.

    Guess what? I am reading Never Let Me Go.

  4. Hi Jan,
    I saw this post about your scarves, they certainly are beautiful. Quite a collection.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Eucalan with your readers. As you mentioned, those were unsolicited remarks, but boy, we loved hearing them!
    Drop me a line as we'd like to thank you for using Eucalan and telling others about it!

  5. Thanks for your comment re bread:) It would be interesting to see if you do come across a baking cloth.


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