26 July 2010

what the girls are wearing

What the girls are wearing. My granddaughter and her friend, both 15, dressed to kill, note they got into my stash vintage in the last pic. These are conservative pics, wished I had snapped them yesterday when they looked like a cross between Cirque de Soleil and Halloween . I think they look great and always love to see young people expressing their originality.

I have found the most fabulous blog.....The textile blog from John hopper. I do recommend it to you all.

Still on my self imposed hiatus from buying, I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms. A nice antique primitive cutter quilt up in my etsy shop. 19th century 'turkey tracks'.


  1. I love the boots in the top one, and of course the "vintage stash" they "broke" into.

  2. Love the cool clothing on the girls! But really love that you are doing the frugal thing to the max! It is so hard. I try to do it in phases like, for 3 weeks. Then I fall off the wagon, then I am back on . . . so irritating to see other people's fabulous finds all the time - breaking back in this weekend at a Church rummage sale! There must be some compromise, don't you think? Or am in denial :)

  3. Only one more week before a can start thrifting again, funnily enough, I am going off the boil a bit today.

  4. Anonymous28 July, 2010

    Thanks for your visit and nice comment. John Hopper's blog is a great resource.


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