22 July 2010

Sally Ann, treasuries and Hermes

I'm delighted to have been featured in a couple of pretty treasuries ( We're all going on a summer holiday )yesterday....and this one (innocence)

Its Thursday, so it must be Hermes day...a couple from my collection...must be at over 50 by now.

Inspired by a blog I read today , Judy's Fabrications, I will recount this little story.
I was in the SA on a Saturday morning and found a 19th century overshot blanket for $3.99. Needless to say I was delighted. The place was packed! In front of me in the lineup were a mum with her early teen daughter, mum buying work skirt and jacket, daughter Gap shorts and T's. They did not have quite enough cash and mum took a skirt back. I danced out with my SA bag hoping to meet someone I knew so I could boast and show what a fine eye I had etc, etc. Outside mum and daughter removed their purchases from the SA bag and put them in a shopper from the local department store.
I'm not sure what point exactly I'm trying to make but that little scene has remained with me for quite a few years.


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