06 July 2010

quilts and pillowcases

Some of my quilts that are up for sale over on zibbet. I have had no action at all, not even an inquiry. Perhaps the items are wrong for that venue, when they expire I will try a new line...whadya'think?

One of the things that blogging has lead me to is recycling vintage bed linens. A super blogger is 'all things vintage sheets

and some sweet recycled linens up on etsy now


I'a afraid I've lost the link to this adorable baby dress...probably sold.

and possibly my favorite warm hugs design, whose blog I read just about every time she posts.


  1. good luck selling your quilts. I don't know the answer, it's a long hard slog and perserverence is essential. have a lovely day, Karen

  2. Jan I think your quilts are lovely. Maybe because the weather is hot right now folks aren't thinking about snuggling under a beautiful, warm quilt? Fall may do better for you in my opinion.

    Thanks for the kind words about enjoying my blog and showing my craft apron on your blog! I would love to get feedback on what kind of things you like reading about so I can post more...

    Warm hugs,

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and for nice comment, all your quilts are very beautiful.


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