04 July 2010

St Lawrence market & the Queen

today at St Lawrence Market, not a good day at all, despite the fact that there where loads of people there. The Queen (Elizabeth 2nd) was attending church 1/2 block away. I'm told she was wearing blue, looked terrific and there was a large crowd to greet her.
Gay pride parade also took place about 3 blocks away.....(please, no jokes about 'let the real queen lead the parade' etc, lots of that today) again , hundreds of people.
But, they were not buying antique quilts or vintage fabrics. very disappointing day, alas.
Any suggestions welcome.

my buddy, Jeanette, has a kichenalia booth and features a different color every week. This week was RED.... for Canada Day and the 4th. ...even her pants were red.


  1. shame it wasn't a productive day, I can see some nice quilts peeking through there!

  2. Sorry it wasn't a good day. Love the red theme of your friend's booth.

  3. yes, patch, I did have some nice quilts. Mod, I will take pics of Jeanette's booth every time I do St L. Market.


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