01 July 2010

hermes and quilts

Its Thursday, so it must be Hermes day.Should have posted these two on thrifting Monday. Its been quite a few months since I picked up a new (for me) Hermes so I was thrilled with Grand Manege, in perfect, like new condition...$3.99!!!! Its going to be my winter 2010 scarf.

On to the next thrift where I found Post et Cavalerie in the 'fill a bag for a buck' bin ...spied it sticking out. i rummaged around for a bit trying to fill my bag for a buck, but only came up with 1/2 a skein of nice old sock yarn. The only problem is it has 3 holes about 1/2" each....well, what do you expect? but I love the rich, saturated colors and feel sure I can fix a way to wear it.

A few days at the cabin, where I fixed this pretty, simple, scrappy 9 patch from the 30s. The top and bottom were very worn and discolored, so I trimmed, cut away about 1/2" batting and top, then folded to the front to bind, to match the other sides. washed in a bucket and dried in the Ontario sunshine. Lost about 5" from the length, but at least its sellable now and I plan to take it out to this weekends markets.

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  1. Your bargain scarves are wonderful. I have a pretty silk scarf I bought so many years ago in a thrift store. unfortunately, I don't know who made it but I bet you would if you saw it.

    Thanks for visiting my Blog and mentioning Norman Laliberte. His work is awesome.


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