04 January 2011

Sewing boxes

My sewing boxes kept next to the sofa..... The large open and the one in the foreground were both bought (thrifted) on the same day a couple of years ago, but from different shops. Both were fully loaded...packed with vintage notions. How lucky was that!.

The smaller box obviously came from a German household. In fact, I think all of the goods were from Germany.

lots of sturdy threads, some of which are waxed linen, just right for mending a uniform!!! darning wools and a folk art pincushion.

and tons of buttons, including these military ones (showing a very small portion) Some of the buttons end up here.

The big box was also stuffed....lots of binding, zips,elastics, loads of buttons, embroidery threads, cotton reels and lots more. Some vintage Canadian notions. No prizes for guessing what background this family came from.

Etsy news.
As I predicted I made a real mess of the Etsy Expats BNR yesterday. The treasury itself went very well, lots of sales, new sellers and buyers, exciting items.

But etsy seems to have forgiven me and some of my items for sale have been featured.

A very personal treasury from bpsbagsntotes, titled My Heart is on the Farm. BP makes super totes and is the sort of shop that etsy is all about. Actually this is not the exact quilt BP showed, but its near enough, another 30s Dresden Plate.

My expat friend artophile made another personal T, a list of items she would like for her birthday (today)...hope she gets some. My Birthday Wish List includes jewelry, glass bowls, a lovely hand turned wooden salad bowl, a vintage kilim cushion and my vintage scarf. Shirley makes super stained glass items.....all kinds of shapes, sizes and price range.

What a lovely surprise to be featured in Lacey Goodies from the 60s70s...my 60s wedding dress fit right in. This was put together by bilbobabilo.....from Bilbao,Spain. For European vintage fashion look no further.

I love peeking into other people's worlds in these collections.


  1. oooh - those sewing boxes are real treasures! It's such fun to stumble across something like that, particularly if it happens to be full of vintage sewing notions. Love it!!

  2. You always find so many cool things! No wonder you're in lots of treasuries :)

  3. I love that you found the boxes filled with vintage goodies, I never see that type of thing when I am looking! :-) x

  4. Lots of goodies over at your house. The wedding dress is wonderful with that lace and, of course, the vintage sewing notions are a tiny treasure.

    Happy New Year. ~ Madeline

  5. Ooh Jan this is gorgeous! I am captivated by the lace, lovely!
    Happy New Year, glad you liked the lions,

    Sarah x

  6. Hi Jan
    I just noticed that you are a new follower of mine - thanks for taking the time. When I looked at your name I smiled as Marriott is my family name!
    I shall follow you from now on, I think that you are my first ex-pat Canadian.
    Tracey x

  7. Oh I love sewing boxes with treasures in, it was a wonderful findings Jan.

  8. I used to love looking in my Gran's sewing box when I was a child - thanks for reminding me!


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