17 January 2011


Today, some images of vintage handkerchiefs. I specially love the initialed ones .

this is my favorite R embroidered on taupe silk

some souvenirs and commemorative hankies. Lots more categories, like lace edged, printed or round...I may show some more at a later date, but I photographed these and others today as I have just sold over 100 wholesale and won't get to see them again.

Etsy news

I'm feeling unsettled as I have again listed two treasuries using Craftcults widget. The problem, for me, is that the images are not visible to me until published. I do, however like the fact that you, dear reader, can click on any of the images.
A big thank you to my etsy expat friends for including my items, but I think I am going back to my old way. Tell me what you think.


  1. Love the hankies! Especially the one in the top photo with all the green stitching.

  2. oh hankies, sigh... too gorgeous for words..

  3. Love the hankies Jan, and I too love the ecru one. I also like the Etsy widgets or whatever they are called. Some interesting goodies. Sorry if it is giving you bother, I wouldn't know how to do it either, so I'm in awe of what you have on your blog.


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