14 March 2014

Kiwi op shops

The op shops ( opportunity /thrift/ charity stores) in New Zealand

are quite alluring, they even have their own directory.

  The selection is quite different to the goodies I am used to in Canada. or England.

 Lots of 60s 70s pottery....Nelson is known for its potteries and clay.

Interesting tea sets and woodwork.....

  Good finds in furniture.....

Alas, all too heavy and bulky for me to take home.

"Opping" is a noble occupation


 and I will show you what I have managed to find here in Nelson and Richmond another day.


  1. What fun to go 'shopping' with you! I love the pottery pieces...always have a weakness for those, along with lovely little wooden bowls.

    1. Lets make a date in the spring.....if it ever comes

  2. First, I've been enjoying your days, at the public events, the docks, and just around--and my goodness, you could outfit a whole cottage with the finds at this fleamarket. The fresh air and sunshine must be lovely.

  3. I would love to be able to furnish a cottage from the op shops here.

  4. what....no scarves or tray cloths???

    1. there have been a few scarves and ties that are in my etsy shop as we speak.


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