07 March 2014

Kind Kiwis

 Linda, my blog buddy from Razzle Dazzle Quilter,

noticed I was in NZ .......she is from Taupo. 
Knowing I collect vintage and antique knitting patterns, she  sent me a super collection of Kiwi old patterns, from the 30s - 50s, ....none of which I have seen before.

I shall set to work.....I fancy knitting some of the baby undies in modern colours if I can find some fine wool , perhaps some left over sock yarn will tip up in an op shop.......heaven forbid I should actually buy retail.

I have also been thinking of teacosies for some time......great stash busters. This one looks suitably easy.

I am going to issue Linda a challenge .....she might be sorry she was so thoughtful and generous!
Thanks Linda.


  1. I love that you have been 'thinking about teacosies for some time'.

    1. Do I detect a touch of sarcasm here? surely not.

  2. Haha! These look like something I would have worn as a toddler! Can't wait to see them knitted up! xCathy

  3. it seems babies dress the same the world over!!

  4. Nice pressie! That tea cosy is rather smashing.

  5. These are definitely right up your alley, aren't they!


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